Lim Chang Jung sold his land & 160 song copyrights to fund his upcoming girl group mimiirose, who we might as well talk about

If you hadn’t yet heard star singer and actor Lim Chang Jung recently revealed on Radio Star that he sold land he invested in and the copyright to 160 songs in order to fund the debut of a girl group called mimiirose under his company YES IM Entertainment.

Netizens are divided on … well, the basic sanity of this move, and the skepticism about it in this saturated market is understandable. That said, if you were going to try and debut a group, a hell of a way to get buzz going is to do something nuts and then sell it on television. Hard to say it hasn’t worked, as it even got me talking about it cause I thought it was kinda nuts, and prior to this I had not heard a thing about them.

So while we’re here, might as well mention that mimiirose (a name that I will misspell multiple times) is a five-member group slated to debut in 2022. The members are notable at least in the sense that they appear to be using just their names, and have already had individual teaser pictures put out.


Seo Yunju

Han Yewon

In Hyori

Yoon Jia

Choi Yeonjae


Gotta say, the looks are intriguing as it’s a concept seen more from girl groups looking to reinvent themselves than debuts. Of course, ultimately the thing that’ll matter most is how it sounds, but credit to Lim Chang Jung for getting me to at least pay attention to find out.


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