Rundown: NCT’s Jaehyun, Rocket Punch, MAMAMOO+, ONF, The Boyz, more

Alrighty, got a bit lazy/busy and apparently haven’t done one of these for almost a month. Oops.

Well, I covered most of the releases I wanted to in reviews, there has been some other noteworthy stuff.


BAE173 – “DaSH”

Idols doing concepts centered so heavily around hip-hop can feel … a bit off. I realize that to some extent authenticity is just branding, but these types of tracks that revolve around macho posturing coming from idols is usually a bridge too far for me. Doesn’t help that the songs almost always have at least a couple musical elements that I hate as well.


Jaehyun (NCT) – “Forever Only”

Actually quite good and something I probably would’ve written up if I wasn’t just a lazy fuck. Feels like the kind of groove to be a mainstay on a sensual playlist or something. Nothing wrong with that.


WEi – “Maldives”

A harmless, bright summer song.


The Boyz – “WHISPER”

Honestly, I have no idea what they’re doing with their discography. Yikes.


ONF – “Your Song”

Reminded me of the music used over montages for like a teen drama or something. To be fair, that still makes it better than most releases, but a bit of a weird single choice for a group that has dropped pop greatness before.


San E & RocoBerry – “It’s Sunny Today”

The timing of this release is just … amazing, man. Fuck, lmao.


Rocket Punch – “FLASH”

Actually rather enjoyed this, but unlike their best, I just haven’t found something to it that really draws me in or back.


MAMAMOO+ (Feat. BIG Naughty) – “Better”

Having a sub-unit debut with this song is … a choice. I’m baffled.


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