VICTON’s Heochan suspends group activities after drunk driving bust, releases personal apology

In rather sudden news, it was revealed that Heochan of VICTON had been caught drunk driving recently and as a result he would be suspending group activities.

On the morning of September 20, while returning home after a gathering with his acquaintances, our artist Heo Chan was caught driving under the influence of alcohol by the police. Heo Chan is currently cooperating with police investigations. It appears that once the investigations are over, he will face disciplinary measures such as having his driver’s license revoked, and he plans to diligently cooperate with police investigations until a final decision is made.
At present, Heo Chan is deeply repenting and reflecting on the fact that he committed a wrongdoing that he should never have committed. Additionally, he is currently unable to subdue how apologetic he feels towards his fans and for causing trouble for the many people with whom he works.
Starting today, Heo Chan plans to halt all group and individual activities.

Heochan released a statement on his Instagram, apologizing for his actions.

First, I bow my head and sincerely apologize for having to convey this shameful news ahead of many scheduled activities. Once again, I apologize for causing social controversy due to my wrongful behavior on September 20.
As a public figure who should set a positive example for the general public and my fans, I should have felt even greater responsibility for my actions, but instead, I wound up causing great disappointment through a single moment in which I made the wrong choice. I’m sincerely reflecting on my wrongdoing, and I’m spending each and every day immersed in regret and self-blame.
Above all else, I ended up looking back on myself and my shortcomings once again while thinking of our fans who have spent the past six years believing in me and cheering me on, as well as my fellow [VICTON] members, the people at our agency, our many staff members, and the many other people who must have been hurt by my actions. Compared to the hurt and disappointment that all of you must have felt because of this incident, I will repent many times more deeply and feel this [penitence] all the way down to my bones. I will engrave all of the criticism and rebuke I receive for my irreversible actions in my heart, and I will reflect deeply on myself so that I can live my life while becoming someone of whom I am not ashamed.

Well, that’s certainly brutal timing considering he was just cast to make his acting debut a few weeks ago, not that there’s ever a good time to do it.

As far as drunk driving goes, there’s nothing really more to say about that, but the decision making of public figures being worse than precautions some random shithead like me takes is truly amazing.


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