NMIXX covers “No. 1” in front of BoA & Xdinary Heroes does “Love Me Right” on new music program ‘K-909’

In case you were like me and hadn’t heard about this before today, JTBC debuted a new music program called K-909 that’s hosted by BoA and seemingly aims to ape from Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook‘s formula a bit.

Perhaps fittingly then was fourth-generation girl group NMIXX covering the host’s arguably biggest hit in “No. 1“.

See, it’s not hard to see them as a leading fourth-generation group if they would just get decent songs.

Another cover on the show was Xdinary Heroes doing EXO‘s “Love Me Right“.

Thought this was great, honestly.

The other noteworthy performance, at least for me, was Crush doing his 2015 song “Oasis” with the band.

And then doing a short performance with BoA of their song “Starry Night“.


Promising start for the show, which features a variety of artists as close to live singing as you’re going to get nowadays, interesting covers, and a live band that makes even singers doing their own music give a different feel.


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