Former K-pop singer Ruan (“BEEP BEEP” forever) leads final lineup of LDH/HYBE girl group formed through iCON Z audition show

A girl group collaboration project between LDH and HYBE has recently chosen its seven members, led by former K-pop singer Ruann (now Ruan). The other six are Uwa, Anri, Mirano, Mina, Hana, and Ria, and they will now prepare for their debut.

iCON Z is an audition held by LDH in Japan, replacing their usual auditions, with divisions for vocal, rap, and dance. This year 48,000 people entered before it was narrowed down, with the competition for the final spots turned into reality programs.

For the girls side, initially it was supposed to be a five-member group, but the number was “dramatically” changed at the end to seven to get the current lineup. The person who supposedly made that decision was Sandaime J SOUL BROTHERS member and soloist Tosaka Hiroomi (OMI), who will produce the group under CDL Entertainment in connection with HYBE. Also, Emyli was involved as a vocal producer and vocal trainer, which was another thing that aged me.

Not gonna lie though, the main reason I found out about this or even care is because of Ruan, who is getting a second chance after basically being screwed over by her company and the ensuing trademark wars over basically her own damn name. A few years ago at 15, she released “BEEP BEEP“, which was impressive and seemed to make her path as a successful soloist, so this group is interesting for that reason if nothing else.


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