B-Side Spotlight: August 2022 (SNSD, IVE, TWICE, KEY, YENA, Billlie, ONF, Golden Child, Rocket Punch, more)

Hello again, it is I, your favourite playlist gremlin.

No, you’re not imagining that the username is different. New name, same bitch, same playlists. Let’s go!


YENA – “WithOrWithOut”

SNSD – “Freedom”

The Boyz – “Bump & Love”

Golden Child – “Knocking On My Door”

Tri.be – “In the Air (777)”

ONF – “Runaway” 

IVE – “My Satisfaction”

CIX – “Without You”

LEO (VIXX) – “Chilling”

Ha Sung Woon – “Baby Blue”

DKB – “Autumn”

TWICE – “Basics”


Lee Jin Hyuk (UP10TION) – “TOY”

Rocket Punch – “Moon Prism”

KEY (SHINee) – “Ain’t Gonna Dance”

Billlie – “$UN Palace (Stroop Effect)”


And that’s it!

As always, let me know any of your favourite B-sides from August. Happy listening!

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