Rundown: VIVIZ, Highlight, YooA, NINE.i, Kim Jonghyeon, YOUNITE, NATURE, Me:us

A lot of stinkers, to be honest.

But also a bit of a pleasant surprise.


YOUNITE – “Bad Cupid”

Abrasive seemingly for the sake of it while going in a lot of different directions, but none of them good.


VIVIZ – “Rum Pum Pum”

Can’t think of a more backhanded compliment than saying that this is one of the better songs released for the UNIVERSE app, but that’s what came to mind.



It almost seems like they want to be a meme group but their company is too chickenshit to commit to the bit. A shame cause I think they could do it (certainly Kim So Hee can). Anyway, you’re not gonna sell me this chorus as addictive, but the other elements were actually quite nice.


Me:us – “Nothing Changed”

Obligatory former Nine Muses members promo. Hyemi certainly delivers one of the ballads of all time.


Highlight – “Alone”

The funky bassline that continues throughout is a nice foundation, but it’s not really built on at any point, opting for an anti-drop after a tension-building pre-chorus. That can work if there’s a slickness to the production and delivery, but it just doesn’t happen here. Still, one of the better efforts in this Rundown.


Kim Jonghyeon (Formerly NU’EST’s JR) – “Lights”

He sounds as uninterested in the song vocally as the song itself does in being melodically appealing.


YooA (Oh My Girl) – “Lay Low” & “Melody”

YooA is an idol who I thought had potential as a soloist but nothing she’s done has moved me thus far, and these two have to be among her worst efforts even as B-sides.


NINE.i – “Young Boy”

Easily my favorite track here as it’s really good until it seemingly takes the foot off the gas a bit for the chorus even though an explosion there really could’ve sent it into the stratosphere. The vocals also aren’t able to match the instrumental, but still a potential playlist addition for me that should work when you need something upbeat.


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