KARA perform medley of hits on ‘MMTG’ stream; video teasers for comeback

KARA have made a surprise start to their reunion/anniversary comeback promotions, doing a special live with Jaejae on MMTG before doing anything else.

In the stream that starts in earnest around the 14-minute mark, the five members of KARA perform a medley of hits. Unfortunately, the screen goes back to being tiny for whatever godforsaken reason, but at least we get KARA doing “Mister“, “Rock U“, “Jumping“, “STEP“, a break to haul in the oxygen tanks, a scuffed* “Damaged Lady“, “Mamma Mia“, and like five attempts at “Lupin“. They then say their goodbyes and there’s like a radio section where KARA song play to finish out the stream.

*Jiyoung looks amazing, wtf.

Oh man, it’s just great to see them back, but seeing them having fun and messing around casually is probably better than the rest of the polished promo stuff.

Still, I really fucking hope they do like the promotional circuit, because out of all the groups they arguably have one of the best discographies for all these hit medley things.


Oh right, back to their actual reunion comeback, they have video teasers out for all the members now. Shout out to whoever remembered the password for the seven-year old account.

So far so good.


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