Blockberry Creative announces Chuu has been kicked out of LOONA, claim it’s due to abusing staff

After speculation about Chuu‘s status in LOONA and Blockberry Creative had lingered for most of the year, today Blockberry has made the shocking announcement that they were booting Chuu from the group and were doing so due to her alleged abusive behavior towards staff.

We are releasing a statement to notify fans that we have decided that our agency artist Chuu will be expelled and withdrawn as a member of LOONA as of November 25, 2022.
There have been lots of speculations about LOONA’s Chuu this past year, but the agency and the LOONA members did not release any statements in order to not cause trouble with the group’s growth or cause concern to fans.
With the LOONA members’ affection for the team and consideration for their fans, rather than say what is true or not, they tried to express their feelings by putting in their best efforts for performances and content.
However, after recently being told of Chuu’s violent language and misuse of power toward our staff, the truth was found upon investigation. Agency representatives are apologizing and comforting staff, and we have decided to take responsibility for this and remove Chuu from LOONA.

It’s honestly a surprisingly long statement to basically claim that Chuu was doing gapjil towards staff, which is basically being abusive, and they kicked her out as a result. It’s mostly filled out by them apologizing to fans and saying LOONA will continue on by working hard and stuff like that, but one sentence caught my eye.

The LOONA members did not work only for their individual gains, and they know what fans have given them to bring them to this point, so they did not do anything to cause trouble to the team.

This seems to be directly addressing Chuu, effectively shading her by propping up the rest of the members.


There’s not really much to say on this as of yet. Blockberry have made an allegation but haven’t provided anything to back it yet, and there’s no way something from their side and also some reply from Chuu’s side doesn’t get out in the future (probably days, if not hours).

That said, the timing of finding out that she’s allegedly abusive to staff seems awfully coincidentally timed with rumblings of her having contract disputes and issues with the company’s treatment of her. Of course, we never truly know celebs, so I won’t rule anything out, but the reality is that if Blockberry wants people to believe this story then I hope they have more than this statement.

So far, things are … not going well for them from a PR perspective.


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