Lee Soo Man got Amazon Prime Video to make a ‘documentary’ about how great he is

Amazon Prime Video has announced that they are producing a new K-pop documentary about SM Entertainment‘s founder, called Lee Soo Man: The King Of K-Pop. While one has to acknowledge the impact he had and his general importance in the rise of the Korean pop music industry, the description of the film borders on parody for how effusive it is in its praise.

Filmmaker Ting Poo, who earned acclaim with her 2021 Prime Video documentary Val about actor Val Kilmer (co-directed with Leo Scott) is helming Lee Soo Man, a “documentary chronicling the enthralling life of a bold visionary whose work put his country on the map, sparked a global movement, and continues to define an era,” as a release put it. “A futurist and visionary on the scale of Steve Jobs, Lee is more than a music impresario. He is a world-builder and a technologist whose original creation has taken over global entertainment, one K-Pop band at a time.”

I would unironically like to see the origins of the funding for this.

A documentary on Lee Soo Man that chronicled everything he’s done, both great and horrid, would actually be quite fascinating. Especially so if they did a bit of digging and they got Lee Soo Man himself to open up somehow. While it’s possible we get that with this documentary, given the title and the synopsis, I’m not holding my breath for anything other than a hagiography.

Need less K-pop company PR shit dressed up for different mediums and more Nine Muses Of Star Empire type content (granted, that was hilariously intended to be the former).


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