(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon disses MAMA, continues tradition + my default award show hate

This year’s round of year-end Korean music industry popularity awards has already kicked off, and normally all I care about is any special stages (which are getting rarer and shittier by the year), but Soyeon of (G)I-DLE‘s performance has also made waves for dissing Mnet and MAMA.

Look, I’m always here for any and all Mnet slander, plus any slander of award shows, in general.

People are comparing this to G-Dragon‘s famous diss back in 2014 and it’s hard not to see some similarity, though I did enjoy that one more just because it was longer and seemed more against MAMA as a concept. But regardless, I enjoy how it’s becoming a thing to shit on MAMA while at MAMA.

Amusingly, (G)I-DLE then almost immediately had to accept one of MAMA’s bizarre made up awards.

To be fair, that is one of the only good things about MAMA, seeing what kind of fucking weird-ass award they’re gonna make up for whoever agreed to perform for them but didn’t meet the planet destruction requirements to win the popularity award.

Fandoms can complain about these awards, but effectively this is what they wanted, something that tried to evaluate music “objectively” so they can influence it instead of using judges or whatever, so reap what you sow. And regardless, if it’s really about the music and entertainment, not the accolades and like living vicariously through idol achievements, then truly these types of awards are mostly devoid of meaning.


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