Rundown: Red Velvet, ITZY, The Boyz, Mill (OnlyOneOf), TEMPEST

It has been two weeks since the last Rundown, but I’m not going to make up for lost time by doing them all, but I will get a handful that were notable for me.


TEMPEST – “Taste The Feeling”

Just want to be clear that this is a nice bit of harmless fun, but I honest to god thought this was one of the soda ad collabs that K-pop idols sometimes do.


Mill (OnlyOneOf) – “Beat”

The instrumental is surprisingly addictive, but the hooks don’t quite there and the delivery is a bit stale.


Red Velvet – “Birthday”

Man, their visuals are off the charts in this, but the song is all over the place and tries so hard at everything except having a decent melody or hook.


ITZY – “Cheshire”

The main “problem” with “Cheshire” is basically that if you liked ITZY‘s signature sound then this is rather generic and boring by comparison, but if you didn’t then while this is one of their better melody-focused efforts, it’s also not a standout on that front either. It sorta splits the difference and I kinda wonder if JYP Entertainment even knows what they’re doing with their fourth-gen girl groups.

Note: Written before Jinni left NMIXX, which kinda furthers my question.


The Boyz – “All About You”

Not anything against The Boyz, but I put this here to remind everybody that it’s time for artists to attempt to get their timeless Christmas hit. Might as well play the lottery with that money instead, in my opinion, but hey.


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