Lovelyz’s Sujeong, Jiae, Yein talking about their time with Woollim made it sound worse than prison

Lovelyz members Sujeong, Jiae, and Yein are no longer with one company, but they are doing a show together called Travely. On that show, they talked about the harsh restrictions on freedoms they dealt with under Woollim Entertainment.

Yoo Ji Ae suddenly said, “During our Lovelyz days, we didn’t have cellphones so [I remember] we would always color in coloring books.” Hearing this, Ryu Soo Jung stated, “We didn’t even have a TV so we had a lot of conversations with each other at that time. Since when and until when did we not have cellphones again?” To this, Yoo Ji Ae replied, “Since our trainee days, we didn’t have [cellphones] for 4 years.”

They then describe being in a state of forced pop culture ignorance that would rival prison.

Then, Jeong Ye In brought up how the people they had met at that time would often get taken aback by the fact that the members did not know about very famous series or celebrities. For example, none of the members knew about the extremely popular drama ‘Reply 1988’ nor about the triplets that appeared on the variety show ‘Superman is Back’. Ryu Soo Jung then shocked many by revealing, “It was even hard for us to meet our families.”

Though I don’t even think that’s fair to prison, as inmates get televisions and phone calls and visits from family at least.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this is it’s not a part of a lawsuit against the company or anything, it’s just casually mentioned on a variety show cause it’s probably pretty normalized in the industry.


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