OMEGA X win injunction to suspend exclusive contract with SPIRE Entertainment, more legal battles to come

It was over a month ago that OMEGA X‘s legal battle against SPIRE Entertainment got underway (regarding the abusive treatment the group has had to endure), and thankfully there’s positive news to deliver now. SBS has reported that OMEGA X won an injunction to suspend their exclusive contract with SPIRE, effectively meaning the members are allowed to do what they wish in terms of activities.

We have judged that the basic relationship of trust has disappeared and it is difficult to maintain a normal contractual relationship at this time.
If the contract is continued as valid, the members’ entertainment activities are expected to be greatly restricted.

The court ruled that it was difficult to believe the verbal and physical abuse the members went through at the hands of Kang Seong Hee was accidental, and that she used the threat of suspending their activities to get what she wanted, specifically mentioning canceling their return flight to Korea following the incident that brought all this to light. The court said that this meant the relationship was irreparable due to violating the personal rights of the members.

OMEGA X’s legal reps gave a brief statement to SBS.

This case is a case where the court brought attention to the artocities of an agency that trampled the dreams of young people.
We welcome this ruling that respects human dignity and is based on common sense.

And OMEGA X themselves announced the decision on their Instagram account.

We have won the injuction against the agency today to suspend the validity of our excluisive contract with them.
Thanks to all of your support that you extended to us which gave us bravery, we were able to achieve this result.
Thank you for your concern and support all this time.
We love all the FOR X so much, thank you.
We will repay you with better music and great performances.

While obviously happy for them, I’m seeing way too many people acting like their legal fight is over or something. To the contrary, this is just the first step since it’s only an injunction, and in addition to the contract issue they also are pursuing criminal charges against the company CEO and Chairman. Point being that they have a long road ahead and continued support will be important, as opposed to just acting like they “won” already and forgetting about it, but obviously this bodes well going forward.


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