Jackson Wang goes viral after emotionally speaking out against anti-China propaganda during concert + hangs out with fans after

Soloist and GOT7 member Jackson Wang has recently gone viral for a pair of things: 1) he gave a passionate rant against media propaganda regarding his country China at the London stop of his MAGICMAN World Tour and 2) he partied with fans afterward.


“Dope”, not “adorable”, but yeah.

I am anticipating takes about this because … well, geopolitics. But while nationalism shit is almost always cringe to some degree, in the context of shitting on people pretending China is like the worst place ever, it’s not as bad. It did seem rather contrived, but whatever.

Additionally, after the concert, he went and hung out with fans in what I assume is his hotel suite.

While this admittedly basically turns the parasocial settings up to maximum, it also seemed like a chill and relatively normal hangout. Fans living the dream, honestly.

Meanwhile, other fans of his:


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