BAE173 cover “Shangri-La”, which I will always post about + VIXX themselves perform medley

PocketDol Studio‘s boy group BAE173 recently posted a cover of VIXX‘s classic “Shangri-La“, and I know the company they’re under because I had to look them up to see if the reason they choose this was because they were a Jellyfish Entertainment group. Nope, apparently the choice was just because they have taste and it’s always a fitting choice release for the Lunar New Year. Cheers to that.

Well done, boys.

Though honestly it’s difficult to hate any solid performance of this, as the whole “Shangri-La” comeback was one of my favorite overall efforts in K-pop history.

Still every bit as legit as when it was released.


Additionally, a three-man VIXX of Leo, Ken, and Hyuk (honestly feels like a sub-unit), recently took to M! Countdown and performed a medley of “Shangri-La“, “Chained Up“, and “VOODOO DOLL“.

This was a pleasant surprise to stumble upon, but man it doesn’t quite hit the same without N, Hongbin, and Ravi there.


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