Song Hye Kyo responds to criticism that she ‘aged a lot’ in ‘The Glory’ by simply stating it’s because she’s older

A couple months ago, the “big” story about Song Hye Kyo was not her new drama The Glory, but rather comments that the 41-year-old actress started to look somewhat like her age in promo pics for the drama. In retrospect, that was even stupider than before, as the huge hit probably wouldn’t have been as credible if she still looked exactly like she did in her Tae-Hye-Ji days.

Recently, Song Hye Kyo said as much herself to ELLE Korea, addressing criticisms that she’s aged by saying that she looks older because she is older and that it helped her in what’s going to be an iconic role.

“The character Dong Eun has led a difficult life all her life. I didn’t think it would make sense at all if she appears as if she has received a lot of care and treatment. People say that ‘Song Hye Kyo’ has also suddenly aged a lot, but that is because I, too, of course, I have gotten old.”

Welp, that about sums it up. Was such a bizarre thing to harp on.

She also stated that the role has revitalized her own passion for acting.

“There was a time I did doubt myself. I thought ‘Is this path right?’ and ‘I don’t think I have the talent for acting.’ I started to find acting fun again through ‘The Glory.’ I was really happy in bed at the end of the day after I finished filming a really difficult scene. I wanted to return to filming the next day and I couldn’t wait until I am Dong Eun again. So, I want to meet my next project as soon as possible.”

Glad for her cause she pretty obviously has a long career ahead.

Really, the worst thing about the drama is that they split it into two parts.


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