Quick Reviews: VIVIZ return with funky “Pull Up” that includes “U-Go-Girl” brass

VIVIZ has started off their existence with a string of perfectly cromulent pop songs, stuff that’s better than the average release but also missing that one hooky, melodic element that pushes a pop song over the top. For better or worse, “Pull Up” largely continues this trend, though it does go about it in an interesting way.

Perhaps the best thing about this is the girls living more often in their lower register, which helps the trio sound great, and the funky production has a sharp and abrupt edge to it that sets an appealing tone. It’s a bit sparse at times, which is especially noticeable during the chorus. But I actually liked that the song structure was all over the place, as it kept me on my toes when it seemed like “Pull Up” would simply settle in and become repetitive.

My main issue is that there wasn’t any central hook or addictive melody that I’ll be coming back to at any point. The only thing that really stuck in my mind is the brass loop, and that’s only because it reminded me of Hyori‘s “U-Go-Girl rhythm. Still, VIVIZ continue to produce solid songs, even if that’s a bit below what is desired at this point considering their pedigree.


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