LOONA’s Vivi & Hyunjin also file for contract injunction against Blockberry Creative, said to have high chance of winning

Hey, remember when Chuu won her contract injunction case, Blockberry Creative booted her from the group, and eventually tried to frame it as if the rest of LOONA were the victims of her selfishness? Well, other than Chuu receiving immediate support from said members on social media, Blockberry’s claims got even funnier when it was confirmed that nine other members had also filed for contract suspensions.

All that didn’t even include members Vivi and Hyunjin, the only two holdouts, but now it’s being reported that they have filed similar suits to suspend their contracts as well, according to an exclusive JTBC report. Furthermore, it also says they are likely to win their lawsuit as they had the same terms as the winning quartet of Heejin, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, and Choerry.

So that makes the entire group wanting out of Blockberry now and I truly have no idea what they’re going to do. Seems like they’re going with the strategy of trying to salvage a buyout or a percentage of revenue from the members, because it seems as though they’ve come to terms with not being able to win any PR war.



Blockberry have confirmed the reports of Vivi and Hyunjin filing injunctions, which I guess means they gave up on denying until the results get released officially at least.


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