A Korean remake of ‘Breaking Bad’ is happening, 4 seasons planned

Breaking Bad is getting a Korean remake, according to an exclusive report. Producer Park Bum Hoon from production company JP E&M said on a phone call, “A Korean remake of ‘Breaking Bad’ is being produced. Lee Chang Yeol will be in charge of directing Season 1.” They’ve apparently already completed the script for that season and have three more are being planned. Nobody has been cast in the roles yet, and there’s no network attached either, but they aim to air the program starting this time next year.

Everybody is probably familiar with Breaking Bad already, and while my initial reaction was to grimace at this news since it’s one of my favorites, on second thought I think it could be interesting to see how Korea tries to adapt the material. The show has always felt like a very American tale, and some of the story will almost certainly have to be altered for it to make any sense taking place in Korea.

So honestly, I hope they take some risks with it and make it their own in a way. Unlike with many American remakes of other works, there’s no risk of Breaking Bad being overwritten in most of the public consciousness around the world, so I’m now just curious to see how it’ll turn out.


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