Pann’s obsession with the weight of IVE’s Liz has finally broken my brain

I generally try to ignore Pann bullshit as it’s not even that relevant of a portal in Korea, and I almost resent that what they say gets taken seriously as if they represent Korea as a monolith, but it’s been difficult to not notice the constant deranged scrutiny there regarding the weight of Liz from IVE.

I know I’m probably (hopefully) preaching to the choir around these parts, but I had to write about it after seeing this post about a recent airport photo of Liz followed by the top comments about it that honestly just stunned me a bit.

Like a genuine moment of confusion and bewilderment for me.

Sure, sometimes I can see what netizens are talking about at least, and it’s either fucked up for them to be so shitty about it and/or mainly a reflection of the inhuman standards applied to idols. And I’m not deluded about the norms at play here or anything, but like … that combination of a very normal picture of Liz looking cute followed by utter exasperation about how overweight she is in the comments just broke my brain, I think.

Anyway, uh … good grief.


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