BLANK2Y’s Youngbin revealed as idol accused of strangling girlfriend, kicked out of group

Following a disturbing domestic violence allegation emerging against an unnamed member of a boy group earlier in the day, Keystone Entertainment announced that BLANK2Y member Youngbin would be leaving the group after they confirmed the post was about him.


In an anonymous post, the victim’s friend alleged that an idol assaulted the victim after she tried to break up with him.

Hello, my friend was assaulted by an idol boyfriend during a date.
My friend made a statement to the police on February 19 and is scheduled to undergo an investigation as the victim on February 26.
I was close to both of them, so I met up with them often while the two were dating. I also saw the videos and pictures they posted together on a secret account.
Although he is not the most popular idol, he is still loved by a small number of fans. I thought be was being very shameless, so I made this post.
My friend and idol ‘Y’ have been dating for about three months. When my friend wanted to breakup, he assaulted her.
He grabbed my friend by the collar, dragged her into an alley, took her cell phone and threw it, and then strangled her to the point where she fainted.
My friend would have died if it hadn’t been for the help of people who were there. Her condition has been documented. I think it is wrong to assault someone to the point of unconsciousness simply because they wanted to end things.
I don’t think it makes sense for a person like this to continue their entertainment career.
Dating violence is also a crime. School violence isn’t the only kind of violence out there.
Please refrain from crossing the line towards the victim. This was written to inform you of what happened. She did not ‘deserve’ to be assaulted. There will be additional information added after the investigation on February 26.

The friend also uploaded pictures of the couple to prove they were dating, evidence that they had reported the incident to police, and a text message conversation of the idol in question apologizing for his actions.

Idol “Y”: It never got around to that kind of a situation.
Y: It’s something I can change.
Y: The fact that I acted like that to someone that I love…
Y: It’s a problem.
Girlfriend: No matter who you meet in the future…
Y: And because of that…
Girlfriend: …you cannot hit them because you can’t do whatever you want with them. You cannot use force against them…
Girlfriend: …or strangle them to make them faint.
Y: Yes, yes. You’re right.
Y: You’re right. It was my mistake, yes.

Girlfriend: What should I do? Like, honestly.
Girlfriend: You assaulted me. My body is a mess.
Girlfriend: You choked me and I passed out. And my chest hurts now, too.
Girlfriend: What should I do?
Y: I-
Y: I…
Y: …apologize from the bottom of my heart. I will kneel in front of you. Can we please meet up?
Girlfriend: Why would I want to meet up with you, knowing what you’re capable of doing to me?
Y: I will not do anything to you.
Y: I just want to sincerely apologize in person.

Perhaps because the evidence was so damning — unless the text exchange was fabricated or something — as soon as people figured out it was BLANK2Y’s Youngbin, Keystone released a statement booting him.

We would like to let you know our position regarding BLANK2Y member Youngbin and the group’s future promotions.
First of all, we would like to sincerely apologize to everyone for causing concern.
After confirming the facts regarding the issue raised through a community post today, the idol involved in the case was indeed Youngbin.
From this point forward, Youngbin will no longer be part of BLANK2Y and the group will promote KROSS Vol.2 without him.

As always when strangulation is mentioned in one of these cases, I have to point out that it’s exceptionally disturbing based on what it says about the abuser and the likelihood of him killing somebody. Not downplaying anything else, but the fact that in this case the friend claims she would’ve died if not for intervention is extremely worrying and I hope police take this seriously because if it happened as described then he’s somebody that could end up killing the victim or somebody else without rehabilitation … or something.


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