Yoo Ah In tests positive for weed, propofol, ketamine, and cocaine, none of which is deserving of the coming backlash

Actor Yoo Ah In has been under investigation by authorities since the beginning of February over alleged propofol use. Since then, he has reportedly tested positive for marijuana, the aforementioned propofol, and recently both ketamine and cocaine.

The investigation is still ongoing, but mainly to find out the extent of his use it seems.

The police are currently in the process of checking ketamine prescription records to find out if the actor used the drug habitually, and they reportedly plan to call Yoo Ah In back in for questioning as a suspect as early as next week.

I didn’t cover this initially because, well, I honestly don’t care if he did some drugs or whatever. However, with all of the recent updates on the “severity” of the situation, needless to say that especially by Korea’s standards, this is gonna get bad for him and his career is now at risk. It’s hard to diagnose anybody from the drug use pattern, but there’s basically a bunch of anesthetics/therapeutics … and then cocaine. Not gonna waste time speculating one way or the other since we simply don’t know what was going on with him.

But quite frankly, it doesn’t matter. While there’s gonna be a lot of moralizing over this and inevitably some I-netz will join in with K-netz because they feel obligated to, I don’t … really have a problem with any of this, at least in terms of whether he should be criminally punished and/or shunned by the industry. Perhaps he needs treatment or rehab or just needs to be smarter or whatever, but in terms of harm to others, there doesn’t appear to be anything there that we know of. Unless there is, I’m hoping the best for him and that the damage is minimized somehow.

Of course, I’m also not deluded and know it’s probably going to be a career-ender for Yoo Ah In, which is especially ridiculous as actually shitty people operate in the industry with apparent impunity.


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