Quick Reviews: NMIXX drop le epic ‘Frère Jacques’ remix for “Young Dumb Stupid” pre-release

NMIXX has had a rather odd existence in their short careers thus far. Their songs have been infamous for JYP Entertainment making them do this highlight-medley-except-make-it-one-song concept that’s been terrible for them, while their covers have showcased a lot of promise, and vocalists like Lily have consistently impressed.

Young Dumb Stupid” isn’t their single but rather a pre-release, and perhaps I should be grateful for that as it wasn’t subject to their usual format. However, it does subject us to the REEEEEMIXXXXX of nursery rhyme “Frere Jacques” that gets interpolated during the chorus. I’m not against this in concept, as after all I did enjoy HyunA‘s “RED, but it admittedly does get grating on repeats after the initial novelty wears off.

The best thing I can say about it is just a song, and since it’s cute enough it could maybe find an audience, perhaps with kids or something like STAYC’s “Teddy Bear”. You know the type of track, parents put it on a playlist in order to hold their kid’s attention and give themselves a moment of sanity as they contemplate the consequences of reproducing, but eventually it becomes replayed 5000 times and it slowly drives them insane. It’s possible.

Then again, one of the members is wearing a shirt that spells out ‘CUNT’, so there’s that to consider.


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