ALICE named as first idol models for underwear brand VIVIEN, photos from ‘It’s My Fit’ campaign released

A couple weeks ago it was announced that girl group ALICE had been named the new models for Korean underwear brand VIVIEN, the first for an idol group in the brand’s 66-year history. CEO Song Young Seob spoke about the choice, saying, “We look forward to the synergistic effect that will be created by ALICE’s lively energy and our company’s image related to confident women.”

It’s a two-year deal, and recently the first pictures with the group from the ‘It’s My Fit’ campaign were released, with Yukyung, Sohee, Karin, and Chaejeong sporting the brand’s wear.

Doing shoots for underwear has become somewhat normalized in the industry of late, thanks to Calvin Klein and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie in particular, but this was still a bit of a surprise for the reason provided in the post’s opening sentence. Due to having Sohee (frankly), ALICE was as fitting of a choice as any, but Yukyung also stood out in this.


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