Quick Reviews: Jimin’s “Like Crazy” doesn’t go nuts, but it’s rather quite nice

Yeah yeah, I’ve already seen pockets of comments here and there saying they’re tired of the retro stuff and synth-pop in particular, but I don’t care whether it’s a trend or not as it’s what I’ve wanted all along to make a comeback. As such, Jimin‘s solo “Like Crazy” is within my wheelhouse, and it was a captivating production to some extent from start to finish. It just fits a certain vibe extremely well, one of cruising around on the highway in your car at night (or anything at night and alone).

That said, despite the quality production, there’s nothing to really elevate the song above the standard fare from a vocal or hook standpoint, and it’s something I’ve heard done by many artists before this. Because it’s not adventurous, the repetitive nature of it causes it to fade in the second half into more of a pleasant background song than allowing Jimin to make his mark. That’s not really a problem for this individual song in itself, which is perfect for playlists, but it’s a problem for a soloist looking to establish a unique sound and/or identity.

Regardless, “Like Crazy” is eons ahead of “Set Me Free Pt.2“, so things are trending in the right direction at least, and it certainly makes me more optimistic about his soloist future.


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Thot Leader™