‘Queendom Puzzle’ turns ‘Queendom’ into ‘Produce’/’The Unit’ because of course Mnet did that

After Mnet investigated and cleared themselves of manipulation on Queendom 2, and they hired back like everybody who got in trouble for the voting manipulation, they have now officially announced Queendom Puzzle, which is basically a mashup of Produce 101 and Queendom. Or for you connoisseurs of trash television, an Mnet remake of KBS‘s The Unit.

“Queendom Puzzle” is a spin-off variety show that will form a powerful global project girl group by taking members from currently promoting girl groups as well as female artists and putting them together like a puzzle.
The upcoming program will take on a completely new format from the pre-existing “Queendom” series, with individual competitions taking place rather than team ones. The contestants will compete with performances to become final members of a project girl group.
One of the biggest standout elements of the new season is that viewers will be able to see girl group performances with different members each round. Members from pre-existing girl groups will be put together like a puzzle to form new “groups” and compete each round to showcase new and unique charms while telling their stories. There will be never-before-seen performances that can only be viewed through “Queendom Puzzle.”

So basically, they took the primary thing I liked about Queendom, which was that stakes were low (in reality, though the fandoms didn’t act like it) and groups got to interact, and threw that all away for … another Produce 101 but totally not Produce 101 cause that got them in major trouble last time.

All I’m asking is for the lineup to be from groups where the company has completely given up on them or relative nugus, so that we get to see new faces and what not. I doubt it, as they need drama and eyeballs and narratives, but it would be nice.


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