‘Boys Planet’ reveals 9-member final lineup, who will debut as ZEROBASEONE or ZB1

The finale of Boys Planet happened moments ago, and the debuting nine-member lineup was unveiled, along with the name of the group of ZEROBASEONE or ZB1, which is certainly a choice.

The nine members are:

1. Zhang Hao (Yuehua Entertainment)

2. Sung Han Bin (STUDIO GL1DE)

3. Seok Matthew (MNH Entertainment)

4. Ricky (Yuehua Entertainment)

5. Park Gun Wook (Jellyfish Entertainment)

6. Kim Tae Rae (WAKEONE)

7. Kim Gyu Vin (Yuehua Entertainment)

8. Kim Ji Woong (Nest Management)

9. Han Yujin (Yuehua Entertainment)

That’s a lot of Yuehua.

I basically am only aware of Zhang Hao and have heard complaining about Seok Matthew or something, but that’s it.

While I haven’t kept track of the show, this will pretty obviously be a relevant group with a built-in fandom, so it should be interesting to see how the group eventually does.

Their sister group Kep1er got off to a solid start due to their pedigree, but has since faded a bit, and I wonder if these dudes can sustain things a bit better. Though granted, the boys version that follows Mnet basically testing things with the girls usually does well if they aren’t busted for some kind of rampant vote manipulation.


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