Bang Chan apologizes for his critical comments about the manners & etiquette of unnamed juniors

In international-fandoms-trying-to-butt-into-Korean-cultural-norms-and-getting-their-faves-hate news, Stray Kids member Bang Chan has issued an apology for recent comments he made on a livestream about some juniors not greeting him properly, as it led his fandom to predictably witch hunt for targets.


The whole thing started when a fan asked him about the special Music Bank show in Paris, and Bang Chan talked positively about the experience, but then segued into juniors and greetings.

@alexanderbihn Some people don‘t even have basic manners to greet Chan! 🤨 #bangchan #straykids #kpop #foryou #fyp #스트레이키즈 ♬ original sound – Alexander

In a vacuum, this is a bit boomerish like he said, but generally whatever as I’ve heard many others whine similarly. The problem is that his fandom immediately went on the witch hunt and found IVE as targets, as international fans seem to have this really weird thing with being mad about Korean cultural customs that IVE apparently don’t fulfill even though Koreans themselves are somehow largely unaware of this. Bizarre times.

Anyway, after the fandom narrowed it down to IVE, it emerged that even if it was related to IVE, any evidence they could find of the supposed disrespect was accidental.

@vampiwonn Antwoorden op @Cher🤎🍃 how r u (a non-korean) more offended then koreans themselves?! #Ive#straykids#ivedisrespectful#musicbankparis#Wonyoung#Yujin#bangchan#dive#Ive_dive#stay#kpopfyp#kpopfypシ#Vampiwonn ♬ origineel geluid – Vampiwonn

After a couple days of warring on social media — and (ironically) Korean netizens criticizing him for obsessing over this stuff and maybe not understanding the greeting culture, thus coming off like an annoying/overbearing senior type — he issued an apology for any misunderstandings.

Hello, this is Bang Chan from Stray Kids.
I apologize for the offense caused by the comments I made during a recent live broadcast.
I thought about the impact my words and behavior can have on others, and have deeply reflected on myself.
I would like to mention that it was not my intention to specify a certain artist, and that my comments had nothing to do with the artist being mentioned currently.
I would like to express my deepest apologies to the artist who has been hurt by my careless words. I sincerely apologize.
I will be more cautious of what I say in order to ensure this does not happen again.
Once again, I sincerely apologize.

For normal people, I would say that hopefully those in these fandoms (especially international fans) would learn their lesson from this and stop being weirdos who only use learning about Korean cultural norms and customs as an excuse to witch hunt and hate, but I know better than to expect that by now.

So, until the next time, cya.


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