E’LAST’s North American tour has been a mess, and now their company is taking legal action against promoters MC Entertainment

E’LAST are currently going through a nightmare of a tour in North America, but most of the ire isn’t directed at their company E Entertainment, but rather the promoters MC Entertainment.

The fuckery started to get exposed with the Los Angeles stop of the tour, where the promoters didn’t seem to have a clue as to how to put a show on.

Even at that stage of things, there were reports of the members leaving the venue crying due to things not working out.

Things did not get better from there, as the Atlanta stop was actually cancelled after their company ruled the stage was unsafe. Amazingly, it wasn’t a venue meant for a concert, rather it was a location for weddings with a small unmarked stage plopped down in it.

Their company also made a statement later talking about how the stage being unsafe was the reason for the cancellation, but said that the boys wanted to perform, which was apparent when they were doing stuff like this during the fansign:

At that point it was clear their relationship with the promoter was strained, as they said to ask them about refunds.

Despite the situation not being their fault, the E’LAST members apologized profusely to fans during the fan signing event and hi-touch event that followed. In a statement released later in the night, E’LAST’s agency E Entertainment added, “For fans who would like refunds, we ask that you make refund requests through MC Entertainment.”

Then at Chicago there seemed to be some hope, as the concert went on as planned despite the promoter’s benefits being cancelled. Obviously that’s a mess in itself, but it seemed possible that MC Entertainment was getting canned.

But hours ago E Entertainment released a statement about E’LAST’s New York stop, as MC Entertainment unilaterally cancelled it the day before. The company explained that requirements for everything from flight tickets to accommodations weren’t met, in addition to the stuff already reviewed in this post, and concluded by saying they’re taking legal action.

We are announcing that [E’LAST’s] concert in New York, which was the final stop of the “THRILL” North America tour, has been cancelled.
During the past month or so that we have been on tour, MC Entertainment has not fulfilled various parts of their contract, such as not having booked airplane tickets or hotel rooms, not having made proper preparations in advance at concert venues, pressuring [E’LAST] to hold concerts at venues where it would be impossible to hold a concert, and more. However, out of consideration for the local fans who had been waiting for this tour, both our agency and the artist tried as much as we could to proceed with the concerts whenever possible.
In the case of New York, just one day before the concert, MC Entertainment unilaterally informed us of the cancellation. Because both our agency and the artist felt strongly about wanting to proceed with the concert, we tried to find whatever method we could [to hold the show], but MC Entertainment has already made it so that our hands are tied, and we ultimately determined that it will be difficult to move forward [with the concert].
We will take all legal action that we can against this breach of contract, and we decided to take legal action against MC Entertainment in order to prevent these kinds of incidents from occurring in the future.

Wishing E’LAST the best as it always sucks to see artists so excited to go on international tours to see fans and then have it ruined by either the company or famously incompetent overseas promoters who just want to jump on the latest trend to make some money, but have none of the knowhow to handle any of it.


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