Dreamcatcher’s begin promo assault for “BONVOYAGE” with dance video, suit dance, relay dance, Esquire performance

Alright, I took a weekend off, so sue me.

Anyway, Dreamcatcher have blessed us with their return with “BONVOYAGE“, which thankfully was very good and maybe has more use on REELS (half-shirt impact) than I thought.

They’ve also pumped out content faster than I thought, as there’s already the dance video, suit dance, relay dance, and they did a performance for Esquire. Given their usual promotion cycle assault, I can only assume more is to come.




Suit Dance

Relay Dance


The suit dance and Esquire performances are standouts for me, and shoutout to Esquire for seemingly always stanning Dreamcatcher for whatever reason. I see you.

A bit of an aside, but it’s interesting that some companies have gone away from labeling things dance practice recently, even if that’s what it would’ve been in the past. Dunno if that’s an SEO or branding thing or what.


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