T.O.P confirms (over and over again) on Instagram that he has left BIGBANG

T.O.P has recently made a point on Instagram that he’s now a former member of BIGBANG. This comes as news because last February it was announced by YG Entertainment that he had left the company but they seemed to say that he would participate in group activities whenever they came about.

That is apparently not the case, as T.O.P has taken demonstrative steps on Instagram to distance himself from the group, including replying to fans, removing BIGBANG from his bio, and actively crossing out being referred to as BIGBANG’s T.O.P.

This isn’t that surprising to me as he’s always done his own thing and is literally going to be blasted into space by Elon Musk’s glorious rocket (legit I hope he survives, cause yeesh). Still, it’s notable to get confirmation of this change considering the status of him and BIGBANG in K-pop history.

I do wonder if they’re even going to bother coming back as three (or two, if Daesung leaving the company means he won’t participate either). Regardless, their reunion tour or whatever in a decade is going to do numbers.


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