Jessica Jung turns in impressive collabs with Curley Gao, Yao Chen, Fiona Sit on ‘The Treasured Voice 4’

Since the K-pop world has largely blacklisted/ignored/lost touch with Jessica Jung, here’s my belated semi-regular update on her comings and goings, this time on the past three episodes of The Treasured Voice 4.

Gonna be honest and say I don’t even really know what the shit is going on here, but it seems to be for cover performances in duets, which seems to be right in Jessica’s wheelhouse for variety show appearances in China.


Jessica Jung & Curley Gao – Morris Lai Zi’s “Get Closer”

Jessica Jung & Yao Chen – Wang Yi Tai & Liu Zhi Jia’s “Dangerous Party”

Jessica Jung & Fiona Sit – AGA’s “Wonderful U”


I know she’s performed in Chinese before, but it was impossible to not notice how many of her appearances on shows like this seemed to be doing English-language songs, so the first two performances here were especially noteworthy. Usually there’s awkwardness not only in terms of pronunciation/fluency, but also how the lack of confidence impacts the performance, but Jessica seemed to acquit herself well vocally (dunno about the other part of it).

Anyway, these collabs were a lot of fun, and it sorta sucks how we can’t see her doing this on Korean shows for reasons*. Though it is nice to get introduced to some C-pop, even if it has to be this way.

*Surely if she’s doing this stuff in China she would be willing to do like King Of Mask Singer, and they have to be running out of contestants for that shit by now. You telling me she can’t get on? Let’s be serious.


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