Quick Reviews: ATEEZ prioritize making it “BOUNCY” and bombastic for performances

While they’ve always made performance-oriented music, which is something a lot of boy groups have adopted of late, ATEEZ have really eschewed any semblance of trying to accomplish anything else of late and that’s especially the case with new single “BOUNCY“.

The generous heap of effects put on the rapping and vocals from the start sort of immediately soured me on “BOUNCY”, and then having that voice over the chorus only compounded the issue. To be fair, they make their intent clear from the jump, and it’s a song that starts off going hard and then continues to do so throughout the duration of it. There’s value in that, which I could see paying off at a concert or event. However, as just a song there’s not much to differentiate it from the rest of the hype song mix, so it’s hard to get too attached to any of it and they don’t really make an effort to have that impact on the listener anyway.


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