BAE173’s Dohyon wins contract suspension lawsuit against PocketDol (MBK/Kim Kwang Soo)

BAE173 member Dohyon has won his lawsuit to suspend his contract with PocketDol Studios, which makes this unsurprising since it was formerly MBK Entertainment and is headed by Kim Kwang Soo. Anyway, Dohyon filed this back in April, though not many details were provided other than saying fulfilling contract obligations were the cause.

Dohyon announced the latest news in a statement, thought there weren’t many details, just the result.

I felt apologetic and sorry that I could not convey news despite many fans being curious and worried due to my hiatus. After long consideration, I requested to suspend my exclusive contract with my agency in March. And now, I would like to inform you that the court has decided to uphold all of my application. Through the court’s decision, I will be able to newly partake in activities.
Through this opportunity, I want to express my gratitude to everyone who supported my activities from my debut in 2019 until now. Above all, I am sincerely grateful to fans who gave me so much undeserved love. I am really thankful to the members that I worked together with until now, and I will always cheer them on.
Although I have yet to decide any detailed plans for my new musical activities, I promise to return as the improved musician Nam Dohyon. Please show lots of anticipation and support going forward.

Dohyon was previously a member of ill-fated boy band X1 from Produce X 101, and had previously been on hiatus since last October, supposedly due to a bout with long COVID. I wonder if that was a part of where the conflict started, or if it was just what the company said after it was clear they didn’t see eye to eye.

Honestly, given that he was in X1 and that BAE173 hasn’t exactly set the world on fire so far, he may just feel he can get a better opportunity elsewhere.


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