I saw this one video of an NMIXX fansign event and now I know everything about them

A video from an NMIXX fansign event from like two weeks ago has recently become an “issue” on portals like Pann, as it looked like member Lily didn’t get a lot of gifts and looked a bit downtrodden or whatever.

So yeah, she looks a bit out of it, admittedly. I think a normal person would conclude that given an idol’s schedules, dietary restrictions, and their general existence under totalitarian rule, that maybe any of those factors would lead to them having days where they’re not all the way in idol mode. At the very most, one would say it was shitty for fans to not give her some gifts or something to make her feel included.

But of course, this is K-pop and netizens (both Korean and international), so they immediately tried their best to conclude that Lily was being outcasted and bullied, and leader Haewon is personally pissing in her cereal every morning or something.

There’s also a ton of evidence being spread by NMIXX fans to refute this, which was inevitable since netizens would’ve jumped on this narrative sooner if it happened regularly, but that also doesn’t really mean shit about knowing them. More to my point, this kind of stuff is just confirmation that if another ACTUAL T-ara situation ever happened again, basically everybody would be all-in on it based on “vibes” they’ve decided was 100% conclusive.

It’s great to be busy with your real job cause it’s the trade deadline and comeback to stuff like this that makes you realize nothing has gotten better in K-pop fandom in like a decade, lol. Sweet. No wonder most people tap out as they get older.


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