Quick Reviews: BTS’s V offers another lo-fi release with “Rainy Days”, this one with more mixed results

Following the release of “Love Me Again”, I got the feeling that the general soundscape of V‘s upcoming Layover album probably wasn’t gonna be up my alley. However, I think the song was generally effective for the mood/vibe it was intended to achieve, preference aside.

Rainy Days“, another pre-release, attempts to capture the mood/vibe of the title in a lo-fi mood as well, but sees more mixed results. His vocal performance on “Love Me Again” was a reason to listen, but this is a much less fitting vocal match for him, sounding almost off at times, perhaps due to faulty vocal mixing. Normally this doesn’t matter to me as much, but when it’s a focal point of the release and it takes you out of what wants to be an immersive soundscape, it’s obviously going to have more weight. Should be interesting to see if there’s any other direction the rest of the album will have.


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