Protest trucks have evolved into protest Porsches in latest ridiculous thing from SEVENTEEN’s Joshua’s “scandal”

If you hadn’t heard, SEVENTEEN member Joshua is being accused of dating some influencer, which in itself is whatever. But fans of the group have been going apeshit, while akgae fans of the individual group members and antis of the group have also seemingly seized on the opportunity to try and make things worse.

Yesterday, Chinese fans (allegedly) did get another protest truck for HYBE‘s building, but upgraded the proceeding by hiring protest Porsches, in relation to the rumor that Joshua bought his alleged girlfriend one.

Additionally, the protest truck had a message saying Joshua’s MBTI is ‘LIAR’ for “Lovestagram”, “Idleness”, “A Porsche”, and “Rubbish”.

An all-timer, honestly.

On the other hand, a few days before that, different Chinese fans sent support trucks.

People are arguing over who is sending what and doing what, but it doesn’t matter to me, that’s for the fandoms to sort out or whatever. The main takeaway is that all of this is fucking insane, and outside of hoping the parties involved are okay, it’s hilarious how it just keeps escalating.


More importantly, people are sending protest trucks for literally fucking anything now. It seems like every fandom with any kind of money is sending it for any fucking reason at all. Every day there’s a new news item or three about some idol/group fandom sending a protest truck over something. I’m telling you guys, the longer this shit goes on, the more I’m believing my theory that Big Protest Truck is behind this. Perhaps it’s even a government jobs program or something. Open your eyes.



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