SME requests an investigation of & plans to take legal action against sasaeng who posted vids inside of NCT’s Jaehyun’s room

Recently a Twitter account with a long history of being a reported sasaeng fan of NCT (specifically Jaehyun) posted old videos from inside of their hotel room, and that seemingly crossed the line one too many times, because it got SM Entertainment to request investigations into the incident and they’ve made declare intent to take legal action.


The other day, the Twitter account @sunkissedviews posted a tweet with four videos, which seemed to be confirmed as legit after fans found pajamas that had been worn by member Jaehyun in official content at the same location.

When pressed for information about this, the fan clarified it was from 10 months ago (which fits the timeline of the official content), and claimed she got a keycard from “them”.

Perhaps most unnerving is that this wasn’t a first time thing, as this behavior has been documented as far back as 2019, and NCT fans who know of her are saying it actually goes back to 2017.

She was still posting videos she filmed of them as recently as a few weeks ago.

Anyway, so she’s clearly been doing this for a while, but apparently a potential breaking and entering situation has generated enough news and outrage that SME was forced to take some kind of action, and they made a statement.

Given that this isn’t close to the first time she’s done this, I’d bet it’s less about protecting Jaehyun and more about this being in the news, thus requiring them to take action to keep up the façade that they care about tackling sasaengs.

Regardless, even I was surprised at them having access to hotel rooms, which is old school TVXQ levels of sasaeng stalking/insanity. Thought going that far might’ve been an artifact of the past, but apparently not.


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