FANTASY BOYS will debut without their center Yu Junwon following conflict over his contract

It has been revealed that FANTASY BOYS, the group that was formed from the show of the same name that served as the follow-up show to My Teenage Girl, will no longer debut with the original 12 members that were planned, instead debuting as an 11-member team. The reason for that is they couldn’t come to a contract agreement with Yu Junwon, but that’s where the similarities in the reasons end.


In a message from the production company of the show, Phunky Studio, and the management company, PocketDol Studio, they claim that contract talks broke down because Yu Junwon’s parents made unreasonable demands and wanted their son to make more money than the other members.

Right after the program ended, we discussed the contract with Yu Junwon and Yu Junwon’s parents more than a dozen times. Despite the fact that the contract was written according to the standard terms and conditions established and recommended by the Fair Trade Commission, Yu Junwon’s parents demanded revision of the contract with an increased profit sharing rate under the pretext that [Yu Junwon] ranked No. 1 in voting, comparing him with other members.
If we adjust the profit sharing rate differently from other members based on the final vote ranking, equity issues may arise, so we fully explained why we couldn’t do that every time [they asked]. However, Yu Junwon’s parents made Yu Junwon leave without permission twice, and at the same time, they notified us that he would not be able to join the group in the end.

Shortly after this came out, Yu Jungwon took to his Instagram to post a handwritten letter, in which he calls the reporting on his situation distorted and said that the company tried to add unreasonable conditions to the contract.

Obviously I have no idea who is right or wrong in this scenario, and it’s possible he simply sees CLASS:y struggling and that his show had half the viewership of their group, so he wanted to make a business decision (nothing wrong with that, if I’m being honest). That said, I will say the fact that this is PocketDol Studio/MBK Entertainment/Core Contents Media makes me immediately figure that they probably fucked this up somehow.


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