Dreamcatcher finally bless us with “DEMIAN” special clip that was worth the wait + a bunch of random stuff

Been a while since a Dreamcatcher post, right? Well, I’m happy to correct that as they’ve finally released a special clip from their Apocalypse: From Us album, and it is for none other than “DEMIAN“.

Dreamcatcher generally always bring it for these, but in terms of song selection, concept, and visuals, this is probably one of their best in a while, and featuring choreography by SuA as well.

“DEMIAN” has long been at least one of the fandom’s favorite b-sides, featuring a funky bassline with some grime to it that lends an addictive energy to the verses. The pre-chorus is more like hard rock, and it transitions into a more melodic power-pop chorus with a catchy hook, something Dreamcatcher seem to do consistently well and is basically what led to them becoming my favorite group.

We back.


As far as other content that I’ve been saving goes, there’s them taking one step closer to becoming streamers, with Yoohyeon playing this time.

Also, Gahyeon went fishing and seemed to enjoy herself … though the staff didn’t, which was half the entertainment, really.

Also, these videos were nice to watch in a getting-deserved-validation-from-their-peers sort of way.


And because I have to do my duty as a personal bank account for the group and plug their latest shit, they have new official merchandise and a photobook out.

Gonna be honest, I try to get basically everything for collector purposes (besides photocards, cause … yeesh), but even I only got the photobook at these prices, lol.


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