Daisy (ex-MOMOLAND) reveals it’s the idols who pay for legal action taken against malicious commenters

Well, you learn something new everyday about how things work. For example, for over a decade now I just assumed that legal action on behalf of an idol or group against hate comments would be paid by the company. After all, even from the dystopian worldview of looking at people as controllable things, it’s their asset that they need to protect to profit off of.

But as former MOMOLAND member Daisy recently revealed on Twitter, apparently I wasn’t being cynical enough, as at least MLD Entertainment charged the idols themselves for doing this.

Obviously we don’t know if this is the industry norm or not, but at least one company did it and they were at least a mid-sized one. I would hope they at least allow artists opt out of it instead of just adding debt to stuff without their consent, but little would surprise me at this point.

So anyway, that adds a potential new twist on all the calls for protecting artists.


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