Quick Reviews: Loossemble debut with the chic but restrained “Sensitive”

Loossemble are the second unit to debut/return after LOONA‘s great escape from Blockberry Creative (following ODD EYE CIRCLE), and the five-member lineup debut with the chic and funky “Sensitive“.

On an initial listen the song seemed a bit undercooked melodically, though thankfully not to the same degree as others in the sing-talk, effortlessly cool mode. Still, it has a rather laid back quality to it, relying on the pace of the beat and strength of the funky guitar to carry it for the most part. The understated chorus grows on the listener with multiple listens, but it’s also not the kind of instantly memorable hook or melodic outburst that leaves a lasting impression either.

In the end, there’s not really enough for me to love it, but “Sensitive” does mark a successful debut. It’s a bit of a fun and funky version of FEARLESS with more pop quality to it, so if those types of releases are up your alley then there’s no reason this shouldn’t be as well received. While I can’t jump all over the hype train like everybody else, I am just glad they’re back, and “Sensitive” is solid enough where it’ll be able to quiet doubts about their musical direction under a new company.


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