Fan war apparently results in a Stray Kids fan having the police called on them … very normal times

Gonna be honest and say I still have no idea if this is like a parody or not, but either way the result was too funny (and fucked up) not to post, as apparently a Stray Kids stan had the police come to their house and do a wellness check on them due to some fandom beef.

@tzuyuihop imagine trying to explain fanwars to the embarassing #straykids #skz #straykidsedit #straykidsmemes #kpop #fyp ♬ som original – W&K


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On one hand, this is some incredibly messed up and potentially dangerous shit to have happen over some social media beef (we’re hurtling towards swatting territory, I guess). On the other hand, since we know nothing terrible happened, the absurdity of it is hard not to laugh at. Even if it turns out to be bullshit, the officer replying with the most exasperated “well I’m not sure what that is” in history while looking at the ground after she explained what fan wars are would be quality situational comedy even if it were scripted. It’s exactly how I imagine non-terminally online people would react to having every K-pop fan beef explained to them.

For once, I’m grateful for TikTok.


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