“Fans” turn ZEROBASEONE’s Ricky trying to go out for hot pot into a horror movie

Today in fandom nightmares is ZEROBASEONE member Ricky and his apparent adventure to have a meal at restaurant Haidilao.

Typical horrifying idol public outing, honestly. He looks like a prisoner in the escalator video. The odd thing is this isn’t even that surprising or rare, it’s just how it is whenever an idol is in public and fans know about it.


But anyway, given the recent “discourse” on male fans existing, sometimes I get genuinely curious who these people think they’re complaining about when they talk about “fans” and “fandom” in K-pop exactly. Like what is the demo of all the sasaengs and antis and all those people who they think are trash? There’s a very odd like cognitive dissonance in that on social media.


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