[Review] Xdinary Heroes breakthrough with the relentlessly aggressive “Break The Brake”

With every Xdinary Heroes release so far, I think I’ve said some variation of “I see the potential, but the execution just isn’t quite there”, as they kind of tip-toed around their rock status with cute stylistic choices instead of leaning into it. Well, thankfully they took care of that problem and then some on “Break The Brake“, going full bore on a track that’s heavier than even a lot of popular rock artists in Korea.


While the focus on heaviness is a significant draw, what initially grabbed my attention was the synth-heavy bassline in the verses that feature electronic pulses that are as memorable a production choice as anything else. Additionally, they keep things moving along and showcase the group’s vocals shining through clearly, and as I’ve said before, the rap-rock combination is something that generally works well.

Meanwhile, rather than shy away from the crunchy guitar riffs and volume required to make the shouty refrain work during the chorus, Xdinary Heroes are all in and that pays off in helping to make “I want some more/gimme some more yeah” and “I’m gonna break the brake” feel memorable and oddly genuine as if they really are on a mission to fuck shit up and ensure the train’s momentum keeps hurtling forward.

The one regret with the track is that the noisy guitar solo wasn’t longer. If there ever was an K-pop song where an elongated instrumental section was actually justified, it was here. Still, I’m glad they at least utilized the raucousness of it to finish how all rock-centric tracks should, with bombast and manic energy, helping to close strong and leave me wanting more.


The talent of Xdinary Heroes was never in question for me, and that showed up on “Break The Brake”, as they’ve hopefully grown into their sound and found a more aggressive tinge that fits their skill sets best.

All that said, it is definitely a rock song first and foremost, so I’m not expecting everybody in the K-pop world (or rock world, really) to love it or for it to be a chart-topper. Nevertheless, at worst it should be a no-brainer for a workout playlist, and maybe a gateway into heavier tracks that can still have melodic appeal.

As with a lot of tracks, but especially the busier ones, I found it better on Spotify.


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