DEAN leans into the meme, puts up ‘Missing’ posters to tease … something? Maybe? Possibly?

While singer DEAN has not actually completely disappeared, he has limited himself to featurings for years now after hitting peak popularity, and has not released an album since 2016’s acclaimed 130 Mood: TRBL. He hasn’t even released a single since 2019’s “Howlin’ 404“, so him going MIA and teasing comebacks that never actually come has become a meme over time.

Well … fans have found the next great hope for a return, as they noticed ‘missing’ posters put up of DEAN, and when you call the number listed, it gives you a music sample.

Everybody get the clown makeup ready for when this is a pump fake.

Seriously though, do most K-pop fans nowadays even remember him? Probably not, right?


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