Covered: STAYC (Spice Girls’ “Wannabe”) & Golden Girls (miss A’s “Good-bye Baby”)

Welcome to Covered, because I needed a place to post and talk about the song and dance covers I see but am too lazy to give each of them their own post.

A quick one this time just because I found two covers in two days that I enjoyed and wanted to feature, lol.


STAYC – Spice Girls’ “Wannabe”

Not the most demanding vocal song or anything, but the ability to mimic their energy on stage and stay stable throughout is outstanding. I usually find that these tracks are the kinds a lot of K-pop artists struggle with most in front of crowds since they don’t control the stage well (especially recent gen), but STAYC did great here.


Golden Girls (Insooni, Park Mi Kyung, Shin Hyo Bum, Lee Eun Mi) – miss A’s “Good-bye Baby”

I’m not one of those people that thinks having a group of main vocals is even necessarily a good thing for a pop group, as that can quickly trend towards doing too much instead of just letting the catchy pop track do the work. However, this was a great cover by the quartet of legends, and I’m honestly more impressed they were able to do the choreo. I already have back and neck pain at like half their age.


Anyway, feel free to mention whatever shit you find as well.


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