Deux’s Lee Hyun Do says he will use AI to bring back the late Kim Sung Jae for his next album

As the conversation around the use of AI in the arts continues to rage on, it seems relevant to bring up that Lee Hyun Do of the first-gen duo Deux has said that he will be using AI to use the voice of his late group member Kim Sung Jae for an album.

“To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Deux, I am participating in the NEW X Music Festival… I am currently working on my fourth album featuring the voice of the late Kim Sung Jae implemented through artificial intelligence.”

Deux debuted in 1993 and were one of the first to bring hip-hop dance into Korean music, and they saw a lot of success over four albums before they disbanded to go solo. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before Kim Sung Jae’s life ended tragically under suspicious circumstances that are still debated today (feel free to rest up and go down that rabbit hole).

This whole idea of bringing back the dead for the purpose of #Content kinda creeps me out, even aside from the ethical/moral issues at play. So at the bare minimum, I hope that his family signed off on this and will get a portion of the money that’ll come from it, cause otherwise this is unconscionable to me.


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