INFINITE’s Sungjong terminates contract with his agency over lack of payment, loss of trust, more

INFINITE member Sungjong has terminated his contract with SPK Entertainment, the company he joined back in August of 2022. In a statement to the press, he says the agency failed to support his activities, failed to pay him money owed, and had not responded to communication he started over a month ago, all of which led to broken trust between the parties.

Specifically, he mentions not having adequate support for his broadcast appearances, fan meetings, and music releases, not providing settlement documents, not fulfilling a contractual down payment, not paying for his other activities, and botching refunds for a cancelled fanmeeting. All of this has led him to pursue legal action.

First, I would like to apologize to my fans who have been supporting and loving me for causing them concern. In August 2022, I signed an exclusive contract with SPK Entertainment. At that time, the company promised full support for my activities, and I signed the contract believing in this promise.
However, contrary to the initial promise, I did not receive proper support from SPK Entertainment for broadcast appearances, fan meetings, or album releases right after signing the contract. I also did not receive the promised contract money. Requests for resolution of the refunds for a canceled fan meeting were also ignored.
Despite the lack of support from the company, I have been actively working, keeping my faith with the company. In March 2023, I released my single ‘The One’ as a solo artist and went on my first European tour. Additionally, last July, as a complete member of INFINITE, we released ‘Begin’ and embarked on the ‘Comeback Again’ Asia tour. However, the company did not provide any settlement documents, nor did they pay the settlement money for these activities, only delaying matters.
After trying to negotiate about the situation for several months, I inevitably sent a legal notice through a law firm in early December 2023, demanding correction for the breach of contract. Despite this, SPK Entertainment only avoided responding, leading me to notify the termination of the exclusive contract in late December 2023.
Separately from the notice of contract termination, I attempted to amicably resolve the situation through dialogue, but SPK Entertainment ignored this too and officially communicated last week that they have no intention to negotiate.
I have always wanted to resolve the situation through dialogue with the company, but now that the trust relationship with SPK Entertainment has completely broken down, I plan to take formal legal action through a law firm soon.

We don’t know much yet about the situation besides what he’s revealed here, but given that a lawsuit is coming, it seems we’re about to find out more. Either way, it’s sadly difficult to be surprised anymore by these types of complaints coming from artists against companies.


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